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Here's something to blow away the strong winds and heavy rain...

Hand sewn with loads of love and patience. Loads of mistakes but cannot see right! :) Stella helped me sew this into a pillow. I found the design guide that i bought a long time ago. Took me a month to complete!

Lately all my cards have these nice flowers on them, nice right? 

Last- minute card. still can make it.wahaha


Hello, to my frequent, loyal supporter...here's some nice pictures to view. saw these in a friend's blog from his trip to Europe.


Haha.the server's so slow!i got no patience.nxt time......then upload=)


Mar. 22nd, 2010

Feel that u have not been smiling or laughing much lately? Probably, u can work on these steps and make your day more fufilling and eventful. rmb to smile!it can light up your day instantly!

Steps to happiness

Developing relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours will enrich your life and bring you support. Dropping a short msg juz to say 'hi', 'miss you' will brighten someone's day instantly!

Be active
Sports, hobbies such as gardening or dancing, or just a daily stroll will make you feel good and maintain mobility and fitness. Haha, prob if u are lazy like me,juz do some leg lifts, crunches from bed. might be able to lose tt lil inch round ur tummy.

Be curious
Noting the beauty of everyday moments as well as the unusual and reflecting on them helps you to appreciate what matters to you. tts why i like to take the bus, i get to notice what's going on outside and watch people.

Fixing a bike, learning an instrument, cooking – the challenge and satisfaction brings fun and confidence. u can pick a craft u like to do, making cards are fun! i vouch for tt!haha.

Helping friends and strangers links your happiness to a wider community and is very rewarding. Donating blood is also a good way to give back, i try as much to go donate every 3 months. join me!

to someone i'm grateful for :)

Feb. 1st, 2010

Today is the 31st Jan, and I have decided to upload some of the drawings, doodles and card project I have done in the 2nd half of 2009.

This was to give Qiuhang and Jinhua respectively for their bdays. dun u think its so nicely painted? haha. I coated it with acrylic paint and gloss finish. perfect froggy/cowdy-banks!

Doodling with my name. I love my name being short so the borders can be more intricately designed.

someone claimed it looked kinda phallic but i din think so much.haha.he's an asshole! (:

looks like a 4 leaf clover? haha. i doodled with a dark red ink pen, dunno where I lost the pen to. I nv am able to hold on the same pen for more than a wk. haha. this is a terrible habit to keep=)

I rmb where I drew this, under a void deck near my house. First time experimenting with charcoal sticks! But i needed some help with touching up.

This box was made from scratch! can believe it? It all started with a box template and ta-da! it became a nicely contructed, sturdy box and u can put chocs in it! (:

I love making this book. I learnt how to do this from a video online and its one hot favourite!

a BOOK order!

stay tune for more! =)


Dage ordered these from me...

Go see this link from my facebook!


My favourite piece=)

Las Vegas - City of Lights

I was in Las Vegas for two nights and I was awed by the bustling city and the bright lights. We walked down the entire stretch of road named The Strip with well known hotels and casino lining the streets. Walking from one end to another can take more than an hour!But because the views were so nice,u don't really feel it.

Circus Circus.Hotel we stayed at.

Hotel Belagio
This fountain show is 3 minutes long. the fountain is gigantic.this is only half of the entire stretch.you can see it in movies like Hana Yori Dango and Ocean's eleven.It's exhilarating when u see the water jets into the air that is 2 stories high!woooo!

Harley Davidson Cafe

There are 22 different colours of M&M seeds in this valve.cool right! This is M&M world, a 4 storeys building that sells M&M merchandise.


cute right!

I will want to go back to Las Vegas again!


This is an iconic landmark of San Francisco which is the Golden Gate Bridge.The colour of the bridge is reddish-orange and was painted in that colour to blend with the surroundings.From the bridge,u actually have quite a bird's eye view of the city landscape.

Breathtaking right?This was taken in Yosemite National Park. This was a rare sight because at the start of the day the entire place was so misty that we couldnt see much.It was only when we passed by the place again during the time the sun was setting before we saw this magestic view.=)

This is El Capitan. Also found in Yosemite. During summer,people climb this rock mountain.It''s almost vertical!Also,there's a sport called speed climbing in which people attempt to climb up the mountain without any gears or equipments with them.Dangerous!

Lake Tahoe

Just got back to civilisation in San Francisco.Spent 2 nights up in the mountains at Lake Tahoe.It was amazingly beautiful and FREEZING cold.The temperature was below zero degrees so once we arrived there it was already snowing. The buildings nearby had snow-capped roofs and the entire place was white.Felt like a white xmas!perfect!=) WE had travelled all the way via bus and train from San Francisco for close to 8 hrs before we arrived at our destination. It could be earlier but we were delayed due to severe weather conditions. Cars had to stop and chain their wheels to prevent skidding while travelling on icy roads.

The very next day we took the gondola up to the mountains to see Lake Tahoe from the top and watch others ski.I'm going to take lessons nxt time.who's game to join me?haha!After ascending more than 9000ft high into the clouds,we could alight from the gondola and walk round a platform to take photos.Hold ur breath while u enjoy the pics!


Beautiful right?:)

played a prank on someone's car


Time to slp.will be back with more!gg to the Golden Gate Bridge tmr.yippee!

San Francisco

Howdy to peeps back in Singapore!

Haha,first time i'm blogging from overseas.Long time since i updated anyway.

I'm staying in a cosy hotel which is an ancient one.The elevator is the first I ever seen.You open a door and before u can move to the nxt level,u got to pull close this gate and press the level button.haha.cool!

2 days were spent exploring downtown.All the high end stores are everywhere, from Prada to Coach to Victoria Secrets. I bought some stuff at V's secret at a steal!

My feet are aching from all the walking.I'm fine with walking long distance but imagine every street is slanted at least 30 degrees and there was one particular one which was slanted 45 degree.haha.try walking uphill for 3 hrs with 3 layers of winter clothing and a backpack,u will have blisters and shoulder aches!!

Tmr i will be heading to Lake Tahoe, where it most likely should be snowing.weather forecast said tt most likely will be 90%. I think it will be fun!

Some pics

Market street

People ice skating in the middle of the town:)

Will update more soon!:)


It was an enjoyable on the 23rd when Hall 8 gathered in Ai Qin Hai Min Ge Chan Ting for the Sing and Strum concert. The performance was fantastic! :)

My fave scrabble mates. 

New card order :)



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